Welcome Message From The President

Let me introduce you to EnviroDek, the best choice for all of your concrete resurfacing needs. My seven (7) years in the pool building industry and ten (10) years in the concrete resurfacing business enables me to work closely with each EnviroDek customer, providing the information and assistance necessary to assess specific needs and to make the best decisions for every project. Our installers have more than twenty (20) years of experience, thus ensuring that every job is completed exactly as contracted. In addition, I make it a policy to visit each job site daily to check on its progress and answer any questions a customer might have.

A business such as ours depends on both its reputation for performance and on referrals from satisfied customers. To the end, EnviroDek goes the extra mile to establish long-term relationships built on the trust created by jobs that area always well done. This means that EnviroDek is committed to 100% satisfaction 100% of the time.

I look forward to meeting with you personally to discuss your concrete resurfacing needs and how EnviroDek can help you meet those needs with a product that is attractive, effective and cost efficient.

Mike Bradley

Our Mission

EnviroDek is committed to establishing a reputation as the most efficient and effective concrete resurfacing company in our industry. Because every job we undertake is vital to achieving that goal, we share a strong mutual interest with our customers in the success of their projects. We believe this is the key to creating lasting and positive working relationships. EnviroDek understands that ultimately proof lies in performance; and, given the opportunity, we deliver that performance with distinctive, high quality, concrete resurfacing. Our customers are our reputation!