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A Note from the President - Mark Thompson

We are the “ugly concrete guys”. We make ugly concrete beautiful and we also provide the maintenance to keep concrete beautiful.

Let me introduce you to EnviroDek, the best choice for all of your concrete resurfacing needs. We have been in the industry since 1992. It has revolved around construction, sales, repairs, and maintenance. This experience has taught us that communication is vital in all aspects of the business and that is something we carry over into EnviroDek Concrete Resurfacing.

Ugly Concrete Guys

Our installers have more than 20 years of experience. Their experience ensures you that your deck is being resurfaced by some of the best in the business. We search for some of the best technicians in the southeast to lead our well-trained crews.

Our business is resurfacing and resurfacing only. Instead of a company that “specializes” in multiple parts of decking, concrete, or swimming pools, we truly specialize in 1 thing and 1 thing only: resurfacing concrete, whether it’s garage floors, epoxy of basement floors, polishing of concrete, and even the “cool-deck” surface for oudoor concrete, walkways, and driveways.

The enhancement that we can do to your ugly concrete will be transformational and a pleasant experience!

A business such as ours depends on both its reputation for performance and on reviews from satisfied customers. EnviroDek is thrilled to have established long-term relationships built on trust, communication, maintaining a timely schedule, and great pride on the final look of the finished product with our customers as well as other companies that choose to use us for their resurfacing needs. This means that EnviroDek is committed to 100% satisfaction, 100% of the time.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your needs for concrete resurfacing in Atlanta and how EnviroDek can help you meet those needs with a product that is attractive, effective and cost efficient.

If You Have Questions About Envirodek, or Would Like to Schedule a no Obligation, One-On-One Consultation.

Please call us at 770-216-9733 for a free estimate.

Why Envirodek?

Our Mission

EnviroDek is committed to establishing a reputation as the most efficient and effective concrete resurfacing company in our industry. Because every job we undertake is vital to achieving that goal, we share a strong mutual interest with our customers in the success of their projects. We believe this is the key to creating lasting and positive working relationships. EnviroDek understands that ultimately proof lies in performance; and, given the opportunity, we deliver that performance with distinctive, high quality, concrete resurfacing. Our customers are our reputation!

Envirodek's Team of Experts
Our Difference

Our Difference

All concrete resurfacing companies have similar products that they claim produce the same end result. It is important to understand, however, that resurfacing products can be similar in composition but very different in the manner in which they are applied. This is what makes EnviroDek different – and better – than the rest. With EnviroDek’s installation you get:

This is how we install EnviroDek, and we believe there is no better way!

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Our Services

Pool Deck Resurfacing Atlanta

Pool Decks

We work with existing concrete to give it a decorative finish. Our installation techniques can transform your exisitng driveway, patio or pool deck to look like brick, flagstone, slate and so much more. Our decorative concrete surfaces will enhance the appearance of your home or business.

Driveway Resurfacing Atlanta


Concrete Resurfacing will renew your old, worn concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios at a fraction of the cost to tear out and replace old concrete.

Custom Designs For Concrete Resurfacing In Atlanta

Custom Designs

Maybe you have always wanted to have your initials at the main entrance of your house or a dolphin inset on your pool deck. These are just a few options that you have with EnviroDek’s custom designing. Use your imagination. Together we can custom design your concrete with color and personality.


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