Can Garage Floor Coatings Improve The Safety Of Your Floors?

Can Garage Floor Coatings Improve The Safety Of Your Floors?

When it comes to projects around your home or business, safety is always the most important element to consider. That being said, an often overlooked aspect of safety is your flooring.

That's why in this blog post, we'll cover the health benefits of polyaspartic garage coatings. Ultimately you can be best prepared to get everything on your to-do list done without risking injury or illness.

And as always, if you need any kind of garage floor coating in Atlanta, reach out to the experts at EnviroDek.

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The Safety Benefits Of Garage Floor Coatings

So, how can you improve safety with garage floor coatings made with polyaspartic?

Blast Debris Away with Power Washing

When you have polyaspartic garage floor coatings, you can use power washing and pressure washing equipment on them.

That means you can get rid of germs, viruses, and even mold on the surface. Ultimately this can reduce the micro pests lying in wait on your floor. This is particularly healthy compared to porous surfaces like plain concrete or anything that isn't properly sealed.

Limit Accidents

One of the biggest safety hazards of any kind of garage floor coating is slipping hazards and other accidents. The wrong kind of flooring is too slick. Furthermore, it cannot be cleaned appropriately.

Compare this to polyaspartic garage flooring. Yes, it has a great shiny aesthetic to a certain extent; however, the anti-grip surface keeps you from falling or taking the wrong step. In addition, you can easily get rid of grease and oil stains.

They won't seep deep into the epoxy flooring or the polyaspartic flooring. Therefore, you won't have additional slip hazards waiting around in the garage.

Respiratory Safety

The antimicrobial properties of polyaspartic coating are used in labs, hospitals, and any environment in which you need to get rid of airborne illnesses. Therefore, viruses and microbes won't have any place to make their home if you use polyaspartic protecting coating.


Polyaspartic garage floor coating is excellent with its resistance to fire and heat. This is particularly important in the garage, where most high-heat projects will take place.

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The health benefits of polyaspartic garage coatings are clear, the only thing left to do is call for a free consultation.

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