Choosing The Right Commercial Flooring

Choosing The Right Commercial Flooring

When it comes to commercial flooring, there are several options to choose from. Of course, they are not all made equally.

Depending on the application, environment, and other factors, certain flooring decisions will give you a better ROI than others.

So in addition to commercial concrete polishing in Atlanta, let's talk about the material to use for ideal results and questions to ask for commercial flooring. That way, you can get the most out of your work area.

Questions For Commercial Flooring Decisions

Here are the questions, or factors for commercial flooring choices you should consider:

What Flooring Requirements Does My Business Have?

Every business has its own unique requirements. You need to look at the rules and regulations of yours and determine what is negotiable versus objective. From here, you can make the right choices in terms of safety, hygiene, and other factors.

Where Is Your Business?

The location you are in will affect the flooring necessary. For instance, locations with higher humidity could experience more danger of slippage and falls.

Are Looks Important?

If you’re hammering out metal parts all day without customers walking in, maybe looks are not important. But if your garage doubles as a showroom floor, then you should think twice about how you’re making that first impression.

The Risks Of Not Having The Right Flooring For Your Commercial Enterprise

Flooring is flooring, right? Well, not quite. It turns out there’s good reason to be a little more selective, namely:

Loss Of Productivity

If you don't have the correct commercial flooring, then your workers may not be as productive. It could cause them to spend more time cleaning, preparing the area, or watching their staff instead of focusing on the task at hand. Ultimately, this could cause a dip in your revenue. Compare this to choosing the right flooring so everyone can focus on their core competencies and get more done in less time.


Slipping, falling, and suffering from residual chemicals are no joke. So while your flooring may look great, if it’s not safe as well then you’re putting yourself, your family, or your workers at risk.


Understand that the true cost of your flooring is the lifetime investment, not the initial one. Sure, higher quality flooring may seem more expensive on the surface. But what you pay on the front end, you save on the back end as well.

Learn More About Commercial Flooring Today

If you're looking for commercial flooring refinishing, resurfacing, and polishing, look no further than EnviroDek. Knowing how to care for concrete floors is no easy task.

Our experts have decades of experience helping business owners just like you grow their revenue and profits by improving productivity from the best flooring setup possible. If you have any questions regarding commercial flooring considerations, reach out today.

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