Common Mistakes In Pool Deck Resurfacing To Look Out For

Common Mistakes In Pool Deck Resurfacing To Look Out For

Your pool is one of the most commonly used areas of your home, particularly in the summer. For that reason, it's important to maintain it, repair it, and replace any elements of the pool or surrounding areas appropriately.

A big question that people have when it comes to maintaining their pool is what kind of resurfacing to use for the pool deck.

Let's talk about some tips for avoiding pool deck resurfacing mistakes. That way, you can ensure better longevity, safety, and usability of your pool area.

Benefits of Concrete Overlay Pool Deck Resurfacing

At EnviroDek, we provide quality pool deck resurfacing in Atlanta. You can accentuate the look of your pool and entire backyard. The concrete will provide a cooler touch when walking around the pool area.

And yet, the polymeric surface is incredibly durable and affordable. Therefore, your investment will go further than other materials. And that’s the short answer to “Why should you resurface your pool deck?”

By using a polymer-modified cementitious material and a water-based coating, our pool deck concrete resurfacing is safe for the environment and your family.

That's not to mention that the material is more resistant to UV rays, harsh weather, and heavy usage, including salt sprays or pool chemicals. So, in our estimation, there's only one option when it comes to resurfacing your pool deck.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Going With The Wrong Company

If you go with a fly-by-night company, you're not going to be happy with the results. Not only will you deal with the pool deck resurfacing that doesn't meet your standards, but you'll also have to have it done again.

That's a huge waste of time and money. That's not to mention the safety hazards that go along with it.

Investing In A Subpar Material

Concrete pool deck resurfacing is the best route to go for most homeowners. When you try to go with a cheaper or less quality material, you end up dealing with a lot more issues.

From not having slip resistance to having salt and chemicals damage your surface, there are a host of problems with choosing the wrong material.

Waiting Too Long

If you wait too long to get your pool deck resurfaced, then the extent of the damage is going to be greater. Ideally, pool deck resurfacing can protect and restore surrounding surfaces near your pool without having to replace them completely from the ground up.

Contact The Pool Deck Resurfacing Experts At EnviroDek

We love renewing your pool decks. You and your family deserve to have a space that you can use with peace of mind and that’s aesthetically pleasing and safe.

So let's make sure your pool deck is resistant to slips, micro bacteria, and harsh weather. Give us a call for a free estimate today.

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