Concrete Vs. Travertine Vs. Concrete Pavers Pool Deck: Which Is Best?

Travertine Vs Concrete Pavers Pool Deck: Which Is Best?

When it comes to treating and resurfacing your pool, there are different kinds of coatings and surfaces that you can use.

For instance, EnviroDek recommends using concrete for pool deck repair and resurfacing. It has several advantages over pavers and travertine. Concrete pool decks last longer and are easier to maintain. 

Pavers, on the other hand, can shift and settle — whereas concrete will stay in place with greater durability. And travertine pool decking is incredibly porous. So even though travertine is more expensive to use, it doesn’t even last as long without damage.

So in the debate between concrete vs. pavers vs. travertine for pool decks, the experts recommend concrete. But let’s take a look at these different pool deck options side by side:

Travertine Vs. Concrete Pool Decks

Travertine is an expensive sedimentary rock that typically begins its life as limestone. A travertine tile is typically a half-inch thick and comes in different sizes like mosaics or rectangles. Travertine can be used to create complex patterns on your pool deck.

However, travertine comes with many downsides:

  • Expensive
  • Acids stain it easily due to its porous nature
  • Must be sealed almost perfectly when installed
  • Must pay to reseal every 2 years or so
  • It scratches easily
  • Damage is notoriously difficult to repair
  • Cannot apply direct heat to travertine

Resurfaced concrete, on the other hand, is a much better pool deck finish. This is because companies like EnviroDek use a water-based coating and cementitious material modified with polymers. 

Concrete coatings provide a beautifully enhanced concrete pool deck that is comfortable for walking while offering anti-slip benefits. It also stands up to usage much longer, requiring less maintenance and repair over its lifespan.

EnviroDek’s Cool-Deck coating will offer greater resistance to UV rays, foot traffic, and even pool chemicals. You can choose from a variety of beautiful textures and designs without worrying about unfixable cracks.

Thus, you get the benefits of something like travertine without any of the downsides. That’s the kind of peace of mind you get when choosing refinished concrete over travertine for your pool surfaces.

Travertine Vs. Pavers Pool Decks

While EnviroDek does not currently offer pavers or travertine due to their disadvantages, we will offer to apply a coating over these materials to improve your pool deck. Still, you might be wondering about how these options compare against each other:

Travertine tends to be more expensive than other styles. However, some of the qualities can include eco-friendly, smooth, and quick drying. 

Brick pavers, on the other hand, have some other unique advantages. The advantages of brick pavers are that you can use a concrete base and a concrete pool deck resurfacing. This allows you to achieve a lower cost while still having sturdiness below your foot.

Pavers can come in different colors that allow you to play with lightness or darkness in your pool design. When combined with a concrete coating, pavers can offer a non-slip texture to keep swimmers safe.

So which is the right choice when it comes to pool deck travertine vs. pavers? It depends on your unique needs.

Ultimately, we suggest a concrete coating to finish your pool deck regardless of the underlying material. That’s the only way to guarantee durability, versatility, safety, and long-lasting beauty.

What’s Best?

At the end of the day, concrete pool deck resurfacing is the best choice. It offers the best of all worlds without the disadvantages.

Concrete coatings still provide you with a plethora of beautiful shapes, textures, and colors. However, they are much more durable against wear and tear in the long run. Additionally, they are completely comfortable and secure for all pool guests.

Get The Best Pool Resurfacing Today

If you need a better surface for your pool deck, contact the experts at EnviroDek Concrete Resurfacing. With attention to detail, the experts can ensure that your pool area is safe, clean, and comfortable. 

With protection from UV rays and chemicals, your concrete pool deck can be resurfaced with a coating in just a few days. You'll enjoy beautiful colors that match the aesthetics that you had in mind from day one. So reach out to the pros for pool deck resurfacing in Atlanta today.

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