How Long Do Polyaspartic Floors Last?

How Long Do Polyaspartic Floors Last?

You can choose from various types of flooring when it comes to concrete and garage floors. However, polyaspartic flooring has become increasingly popular. It provides a low-maintenance, durable, and beautiful aesthetic.

In this blog post, let's cover some of the benefits of polyaspartic flooring as well as common related questions like:

  • How long does a polyaspartic floor last?
  • How long does polyaspartic floor coating last typically?
  • How long does polyaspartic flooring last for garages?

So, How Long Does Polyaspartic Last In General?

When laid by professionals like those in Envirodek Concrete Resurfacing, your polyaspartic coating can last as much as 20 years. When compared to epoxy garage flooring, for instance, which may only last 10 years, the advantages are clear.

Why Polyaspartic Flooring Is An Excellent Choice

Polyaspartic flooring is the golden standard for garage floors and other types of concrete flooring. It offers incredible versatility and durability. For example, hot car tires can leave markings on epoxy coatings.

When it comes to polyaspartic, it's more resistant to tire markings. That means that your flooring will last longer with fewer aesthetic defects. Polyaspartic garage flooring also has excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

Another important factor is the time that it takes for polyaspartic to cure. It cures faster than epoxy, allowing you to walk on the surface in as little as two hours. You can even drive on it within one day.

When compared to epoxy flooring for garage purposes, you may have to wait 12 hours to walk on it and up to three days to drive over it. Therefore, for those who want to get back to using their space faster, polyaspartic flooring is the premier choice.

That being said, every surface performs better over time with the right maintenance and care. Let's talk about some of the strategies to make sure you can use your polyaspartic coated concrete floors for longer.

Maintenance Strategies For Polyaspartic Flooring

Using Cleaners

The less abrasive the cleaner that you use, the better it will be for your flooring. Quite frankly, a quick sweep and mop with soap and water, or even a lightweight cleaning chemical typically does the trick.


Professionals at EnviroDek can come out and repair small cracks or imperfections in your polyaspartic flooring. This allows you to maintain the original surface without a complete replacement or the costs associated with it.

Reapplying The Coating

Every once in a while you may want to reapply the polyaspartic coating. As we mentioned, it can last for several decades, but depending on how heavy you use it, it may be more cost effective to have it touched up from time to time.

Get Polyaspartic Coating Today

Reach out to EnviroDek for polyaspartic garage flooring in Atlanta. Our experts can answer any questions about the benefits of coating your garage floor, timelines, and cost estimates.

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