How To Keep Your Polished Concrete Floor Shining

How To Keep Your Polished Concrete Floor Shining

Polished concrete floors have surged in popularity, not just in industrial settings but also in homes. Their low-maintenance nature is a significant draw. However, remember, low maintenance doesn't mean no maintenance. To ensure your polished concrete remains pristine, it's essential to know the right maintenance techniques.

Minimal Yet Essential Upkeep

Unlike tile that needs waxing or wood that demands a sealant, polished concrete floors are relatively hassle-free. This ease of maintenance is a boon for homeowners and business owners alike. However, certain areas, especially those with high foot traffic, may need a bit more attention to keep the shine intact.

Daily and Weekly Care

The cornerstone of polished concrete maintenance is regular dust mopping. This simple act removes daily dirt and debris. If ignored, this dirt can wear down the floor's surface, robbing it of its luster.

In addition to dust mopping, frequent wet mopping is crucial. This step ensures that any stubborn, dried-on dirt is removed. Typically, plain water should suffice. But if you opt for a floor cleaner, ensure it's neither too alkaline nor too acidic to avoid damaging your floor. A neutral pH cleaner is your best bet. When cleaning, use soft cloths or pads to prevent scratches. For larger spaces, consider an automatic floor scrubber with a non-abrasive pad.

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Addressing Spills and Stains

While polished concrete is resilient against spills, it's best to address them promptly. Quick action not only prevents potential stains but also makes cleaning easier. Always use clean water and minimal cleaner to avoid leaving a residue. Steer clear of degreasers. For stubborn spills, let the floor cleaner sit for a few minutes before mopping.

What To Avoid

It's crucial to remember that polished concrete doesn't need waxing. Waxing or using the wrong cleaner might even void your warranty. Before diving into maintenance for polished concrete floors, consult with your installer or the retailer about the best cleaning products.

Also, it's essential to wait before walking on new concrete after installation. This ensures the floor sets properly and remains undamaged.

Epoxy Floor Coating

If you’re looking to elevate your garage floors, consider an epoxy floor coating in Atlanta. Not only does it enhance the appearance, but it also offers durability and ease of maintenance.

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