How To Prep Your Garage Floors For Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coating

Garage Floors For Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coating

The right coating can go a long way toward the longevity and strength of your garage floor. If you don't properly prep the surface, your coating may not adhere properly and you may need repair maintenance sooner than you planned on.

In this article, let's talk about how to prep a garage floor for epoxy polyaspartic coatings. That way you can get the best return on your investment.

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How To Prep A Garage Floor For Epoxy Or Polyaspartic Coating

Before we dive into floor prep for epoxy and polyaspartic, let's talk about polyaspartic coating versus epoxy coating.

Epoxy coating is an excellent solution for several types of garage floors, indoor. This can include basements, and other indoor concrete flooring. However, when it comes to garage floors, they're exposed to heavier vehicles and equipment, chemicals, and outdoor elements.

That's why at Envirodek Concrete Resurfacing, we only suggest and use polyaspartic coating for garage applications. It offers greater tire abrasion resistance, UV resistance, and chemical spill protection. It can often last twice as long as epoxy coating for garage floors.

That being said, prepping your garage floor for epoxy or polyaspartic coating, or any concrete floors for that matter, have some similarities. So let's discuss those in the section below.

How To Prep For Epoxy Garage Floor & Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating

Clear It Out

Get all large objects away from the garage. This includes bikes, cabinets, anything you're storing there. The space should be totally clear after you're done.

Clean The Garage

Sweep dust away and spray the floor with soap and water or another cleaning chemical. Mop it and essentially leave a blank canvas for the garage floor contractors to apply the coating.

Keep Valuables Away From Dust And Debris

It's best to wrap plastic around valuable items, remove them far away from the garage space. During the coating application, there could be airborne particles. So if you don't want any coating residue on your belongings, keep them out of harm's way.

Get Garage Floor Coating Today

Reach out to the experts in epoxy flooring in Atlanta. At Envirodek Concrete Resurfacing, we take your project seriously.

With attention to detail, training, and state-of-the-art equipment, we'll apply your garage floor coating quickly and professionally. That way, you can have a surface that stands up to wear and tear over time.

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