Looking To Upgrade Your Garage Floor? Read This First

Three Cars Parked Inside A Garage

Your garage floor is one of the most important areas of your home. You need to be able to park your car, perform heavy duty projects, or otherwise use the space for storage of important keepsakes. That's not to mention turning it into an entertainment area.

Therefore, when it comes to upgrading your garage floor, there are some key factors to keep in mind. Keep reading and we'll talk about the most important elements of garage floor upgrades, such as what to put on your garage floor for protection.

How To Protect Garage Floors: Factors To Consider

How Fast Will It Cure?

High quality garage floor coatings like polyaspartic are low in their concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This allows your new garage flooring to cure quickly.

Ultimately you can start walking on the garage floor in just a couple of hours and within a day you can start parking your vehicles or driving over it. Other coatings such as epoxy may not be ideal for garage floors.

They take a lot longer to cure. That means that your garage has to be out of use. This could spell a big problem if you require your garage for parking or in-house projects in the meantime.

Still, epoxy is useful for other applications. And if you want to know how to maintain epoxy, read this guide next.

What Kind Of Spillage Might Happen?

Oil and grease are common sites in most garages. These and other oils can easily spill on to your concrete floor. So when choosing your new garage floor coating, make sure it can stand up to chemical exposure.

This will ensure that it remains more durable throughout time. For example, an epoxy floor coating may be able to last around a decade. Floor coatings like polyaspartic are stronger against oil and grease and can last for as long as 20 years.

Vehicles And Heavy Equipment

The right garage floor should be able to stand up to heavy vehicles and equipment that you need to move around. Consider polyaspartic coating, which is resistant to heavy loads, machinery, abrasion, and even tire markings.

Exposure To The Elements

Since the garage naturally opens to the outdoors, UV rays are going to be a factor. And because epoxy can turn yellow and amber when exposed to too much sun, you may reconsider using this for your garage floor.

Additionally, something like polyaspartic isn't just UV resistant, but also protects against water and metal. Obviously these two elements together can cause rust or corrosion stains on your garage floor.

Upgrade Your Garage Floor Today

At Envirodek Concrete Resurfacing, we're the foremost experts in garage floor coating in Atlanta. We can ensure that your garage floor stands the test of time, looks beautiful, and requires as little maintenance as possible.

No matter what you're planning on using your garage floor, you deserve the best surface to suit your needs. Contact us today and let's get your project underway.

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