The Best Pool Deck Coating Options

Pool Deck Resurfacing

If your pool deck is looking outdated, worn down, or otherwise not suiting your needs, it may be time for some pool deck resurfacing — which can dramatically improve your pool area. Luckily resurfacing is a way to repair damaged concrete and make them more aesthetically enhanced.

Furthermore, you don't have to rip out all the old concrete and pay for the entire replacement. So if you want to strengthen your pool deck or patio surface with a thin layer of water-based coating with polymer and modified cementitious material, then keep reading.

We’ll talk about some eco-friendly and durable ways to coat your pool deck.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

Let’s look at some of the most popular concrete pool deck resurfacing options:

Epoxy Pebble Finish

This is one of the more requested pool deck overlay options today. It mixes in decorative pebbles with epoxy, providing a seamless look on the surface. It also prevents slipping.

Stamped Concrete Overlay

This is a premium option that can emulate the look of wood, brick, or stone. It adds a decorative component.

Pool Deck Paint

This is a quick option, but it doesn't last as long. Ultimately the maintenance may cost more than it's worth.

Color Options

Surface Applied Color

These are stains or tinted release agents that can be used to create topical color variations and make textures appear natural.

Color Hardeners

Using a dry shake powder, apply it to the concrete. This goes on before the stamping process. It allows you to choose from unique color palettes and strengthen the surface of the concrete pool deck.

Integral Color

This is when colors are mixed into your new pool deck materials. Therefore it provides an even distribution of the color you choose.

The Steps of Resurfacing A Pool Deck

There are a few steps that need to happen to resurface your pool deck:


Your contractors may treat the ground with chemicals to prepare the new coating.


If any luster debris needs to be removed with a power washer or other cleaning tools, this allows a fresh slate for the resurfacing to be applied.


Overlay products will be mixed along with the colors that you choose.


Material is applied, and decorative elements are finished.


Once the material has cured, a sealer will be applied. This ensures that your pool deck lasts for many years to come.

Get The Best Best Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

Getting a pool deck overlay in Atlanta in the right way can protect it from UV rays, foot traffic, and inclement weather.

It can also ensure pool chemicals don't destroy the look or texture of your pool deck. Reach out to the experts at Envirodek Concrete Resurfacing today. We can help you customize your pool deck with patterns, colors, and textures that meet your dream design.

And we’re standing by to answer any questions you may have about ​​pool deck overlay costs and more.

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