What Is The Best Pool Deck Resurfacing Material?

What Is The Best Pool Deck Resurfacing Material?

Your pool area is one of the best places to get a break from the heat during the summer. Of course in Atlanta, it can be used most of the year. That being said, having the right material for your pool deck resurfacing is essential.

It can help you enjoy the area for longer, avoid maintenance and repair costs, and maintain a beautiful property. So let's talk about some of the best pool deck resurfacing materials that you can use.

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Pool Deck Surface Material

Wondering “What is the best product to resurface a pool deck?” Consider these two premier options:

Stamped Concrete Overlay

If you want the look of brick, stone, or wood without the downsides, consider a stamped concrete overlay. It provides decorative finishes that are still soft to the touch.

Resurfacing The Pool Deck

While pool deck paint doesn't last quite as long, it may cost less than a full resurfacing. Contact EnviroDek to see if this option may be appropriate for your pool deck resurfacing needs. These concrete coatings provide you with a range of options for color, texture, and design.

Design Selection For Your Pool Deck

We offer strong, durable, and beautiful water-based coatings that use polymer and cementitious material. These are eco-friendly materials that provide durability and safe surfaces for bare feet, and tons of fun in the sun.

Let's talk about some design and color options for your pool deck resurfacing:

Color Hardeners

Using a dry shake powder, we'll apply it to the concrete and then stamp the design on afterwards. You can then select from several color palettes that match the design you had in mind.

Surface Applied Color

Using tainted release agents or stains can provide topical colors. These offer natural looking textures that are eye-popping and versatile.

Integral Color

An integral color means that we mix the color into your pool deck materials when we resurface the pool deck. It will be evenly applied across your resurfacing so that you achieve a uniform look.

Get Quality Pool Deck Resurfacing Today In Atlanta

Reach out to Envirodek Concrete Resurfacing today. Our experts have decades of experience with pool deck resurfacing in Atlanta. We'll ensure your pool area is ready for guests, family, and any kind of fun you want to have.

After all, you should protect your investment for the long term, not just next summer or spring.

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