When Can You Drive On New Concrete?

When Can You Drive On New Concrete?

After you have a new driveway, garage floor or concrete resurfacing in Atlanta, you need to wait a little bit before driving on it. However, depending on what type of concrete has been laid, the time period can change.

And you might be reading this because you're wondering when you can drive on new concrete floor coating instead of fresh concrete itself.

So let’s answer “How long to drive on new concrete safely” depending on your situation.

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How Long Before You Can Drive On Concrete

Before answering “How long before driving on concrete is okay,” we need to explain some basic concepts.

How Long Does It Take Concrete Flooring To Cure?

How long it will take to cure depends on whether you’re waiting for the concrete in general or the coating. Let’s talk about coating:

If you use polyaspartic garage floor coating, then it will cure relatively quickly. You'll be able to begin driving on it again in just 24 hours. If you used epoxy instead, which is a cheaper material, it'll take three entire days before you can drive on it.

For some people, this extra time difference simply isn't worth it. And thus, they eliminate epoxy from their options.

Curing Vs. Drying

Many people use curing and drying interchangeably. However, they're actually different. Curing is a chemical reaction. This happens inside the concrete or mixture that's sealing the concrete. A good rule of thumb is that every inch of concrete takes around 30 days to cure.

However, concrete driveways can typically support vehicles after about 10 days. Drying on the other hand, refers to all of the water escaping from the deeper levels of the concrete.

The relative humidity levels and air temperature can change how long it takes for the concrete to completely dry. You could use a mix that has calcium chloride or other accelerators to make it dry faster. However, you run the risk of corroding the rebar in your driveway.

Tips For Curing Concrete

Avoid Walking Or Driving Over It For 24 Hours

Don't let anybody step on the concrete for at least a day. After 10 days, you can allow cars to drive on it. Typically after the first 25 or 30 days, heavier vehicles can start driving on it again.

Keep It From Getting Too Cold

Ideally, your concrete would cure at a temperature of 50 degrees or higher. Hot water, accelerants, and even blankets or heaters can be used if the temperature dips below that.

Don't Stain, Paint, Or Coat Concrete For About A Month

Contact the experts like Envirodek Concrete Resurfacing to advise you on the best time to apply a concrete floor coating or resurfacing. However, in general, it's best to wait around 30 days.

So the answer to “how long before you can drive on concrete” really depends on the situation, as you’ve seen.

How Long Until You Can Drive On Concrete: Conclusion

If you need concrete resurfacing in Atlanta or any other kind of concrete flooring or polishing services, we can help.

Envirodek Concrete Resurfacing are experts in crafting the perfect indoor or outdoor resurfacing. Whether you're using it for commercial, residential or communal purposes, you deserve expertise and attention to detail.

So don't hesitate. Give us a call today to answer any questions you still have. And you’ll never have to ask “How long before I can drive on concrete” again.

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