Why There Is Bubbling on Your Epoxy Garage Floor

Why There Is Bubbling on Your Epoxy Garage Floor

Discovering bubbles in epoxy floor coverings can be a puzzling issue for any homeowner. You have selected a durable material for its resilience and longevity, yet here you are facing a surface that looks flawed. If you are wondering why your epoxy floor is bubbling, the answer usually lies beneath the surface.

Understanding Outgassing

Outgassing is a phenomenon that happens when air or gas trapped within the concrete finds its way into your fresh epoxy coating. This escape can lead to the formation of unsightly epoxy floor bubbles. However, what causes these bubbles to form? Some of these factors include excess air in the concrete mix, moisture release, temperature changes, and improper curing.

Recognizing outgassing is straightforward: it typically appears as a perfect circle, sometimes with a ridge or as a distinct bubble. A pinhole may be visible, marking where the gas exits the slab. Fortunately, if there is no pinhole, it means the coating might have successfully sealed the issue.

Why Your Epoxy Bubbling Occurs

Outgassing tends to rear its head under specific conditions:

  • Overly aerated concrete that has excess air incorporated during mixing.
  • Moisture or vapor escaping from the concrete.
  • Fluctuations in temperature and pressure cause air to move in the concrete.
  • Poorly cured concrete that is soft or 'punky.'

Preventative Measures and Fixes

The best approach is to address the epoxy floor bubbles during the primer stage. A metal porcupine roller can break the surface tension, potentially preventing bubbles. If outgassing is noted after the primer has been applied, re-priming or applying a thick epoxy patching material may be necessary. In extreme cases, sanding and patching with topcoat material or a thixotropic product may be required, especially if the finish coats are already in place.

Durability and Longevity

Despite the frustration of bubbles in epoxy floor installations, the good news is that they don't typically compromise the bond strength of the coating. A professional flooring contractor can address the issue, ensuring the longevity of your floor. Speaking of longevity, how long an epoxy floor lasts largely depends on how well these issues are handled, along with the quality of the installation and the materials used.

For those residing in Georgia, understanding specific climate conditions that impact epoxy floor coating in Atlanta is vital. If you have noticed bubbling on your garage floor and require assistance, EnviroDek Concrete Resurfacing is here to provide a solution. Our garage floor coatings are engineered for resilience, tackling tough conditions while ensuring a sleek finish. Get your free flooring evaluation today.

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