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Concrete Driveways

Nothing makes a statement about your home like your “curb appeal.” When you’re driving down the street, it’s the manicured front lawn, budding foliage, and even the fresh exterior paint that will grab someone’s attention before they ever step foot through your front door.

But there’s one more element of that curb appeal you shouldn’t overlook: the driveway. A damaged or poorly constructed driveway can send serious signals about the quality and upkeep of a home.

If you’re thinking about a new driveway construction, we offer a variety of colors and patterns, and finishes to complement any home aesthetic.

And best of all, when properly maintained, a concrete driveway with the proper level of maintenance and care can last 20 to 30 years before needing to be replaced!

Why choose concrete for your driveway?

Greater Durability

Making an investment in your home should be done with the long game in mind. When considering the best material to use for a new driveway, you have to ask yourself, “How long is this solution going to last for me?” The typical concrete driveway, installed by a professional concrete contractor, can last for up to 30 years. That means you won’t have to worry about replacing your driveway until after your mortgage is paid off. By comparison, an asphalt drive will usually hold only a little more than half of that.

No Maintenance

A concrete driveway needs virtually no maintenance. Besides blowing it off and treating for weeds along the edges of your drive, a concrete slab driveway is good to go once it has cured. This leaves you countless extra Saturday mornings over the life of the driveway to focus on other projects around the house, spending time with family, or getting out to your favorite hike or fishing spot.

Better Utility

Concrete isn’t just more durable than asphalt, it’s also more versatile. Do you have multiple vehicles of different sizes and weights that you park on your drive? When you choose concrete, you never have to worry about sagging tire impressions and uneven patches where long term trailer, R.V., or heavy vehicle storage takes place.

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